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Rowamy Africa is a fully fledged hand made and artisanal store based in Nairobi.  We stock various artisanal products at our stores and do our own tailoring at our studio.  We started off as a contemporary African fashion brand with products inspired by African fabrics and prints. We lovingly design and do off the rack fashion items for the whole family using very vibrant African prints in Ankara, Kitenge, Kanga and Kikoi all blended in artistically with more plain fabric options. We cater to all – kids and adults alike. Our brand offering cuts across all street fashion:- dresses, kimonos, tops, pants, shirts, shorts, t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, sweaters, throws and wraps. 

Our bespoke tailoring is particulary vey popular. This is where we stretch our creativity to more formal options meeting the customers desired style.  Here the options become as many as the number of our loyal customers who walk through our doors at any one time desiring either a formal or informal look.

The name of the brand ROWAMY as well as the specific initial products were inspired by three lovely people who are very special to us. They always needed comfortable apparel on top of their swimming racing suits and in producing for their specific need a whole new African inspired range  became a reality and ROWAMY AFRICA was born in 2016.

We pride ourselves in the quality of customer service we offer.  Because of this, we have served various groups over the past 7 years with schools and college communities continuing to be a big part of our customer base.  The CORPORATE needs are wide and diverse. It could be school LEAVERS HOODIES, teams TRAVELING ABROAD, EAST AFRICAN UNIVERSITY SOCIETIES abroad looking for a branded apparel to be identified by. It could also be a LOCAL GROUP of FRIENDS or FAMILY meeting for a RE-UNION and need a branded UNIFORM. 

We have become very well known for our hoodies, snoodies and sweat pants and we can safely say we are also the home of ponchos, wraps and waterfalls.  Many of customers regularly come to us as the go-to-designer for these.

We continue to innovate and bring them new styles each year. You may bring your own fabric or opt to visit us and select from our wide range of fabrics and designs. We tailor for both men and women alike and deliver a world class fashion item within 5-7 working days.

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