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Social Enterprice

Rowamy’s founder - Judy is a parent of children that have been involved in swimming from their very early years. While sourcing for comfortable items to wear on top of their racing suits she made some shorts in pure 100% cotton that became very popular within a short time when other swimmers began enquiring on them too! The founder then introduced it as social enterprise brand in 2016 incorporating other items of comfortable apparel mostly made from 100% cotton and other fabrics in tops, towels, hoodies and parkas. She set out to utilize the services of local Kenyan tailors who would translate her designs into wearable products. Having worked previously in sustainability programs while working as senior Marketing, PR and Communications professional, she knew and understood the need for good ethical practices to promote her brand and in turn improve the livelihoods of the people whose services she engaged by creating job opportunities for them and taking care of their businesses to thrive. A great deal of time was spent visiting the sources of the fabrics - Kitenge, Kanga, Kikoi and Dashiki; understanding their appropriate use and seeking advice from the various tailors on how best to utilize each of the different vibrant African prints and colours. This led her to not only have a fantastic relationship with her identified partners (tailors and fabric suppliers) in the trade, practicing fair trade in the process, but also leading to a careful selection of fabric for each type of clothing item with the end user in mind. Creating a lovely beach wear range and eventually extending it to an everyday street fashion brand - Rowamy made in Africa. Born as a modern, contemporary fashion with a true African spirit. All our fabrics are also put to good use ensuring even the smallest of off-cuts are utilised to make accessories like hair bands, earrings and bow ties. The accessories are specifically produced by female university students in their free time, thereby giving them an opportunity to earn even as they study. One of whom has embraced this venture so seriously that she not educates herself but her siblings too.

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+254 711 507 570 

+254 726 087 393 

+254 758 800 439

P.O. Box 2270, 00621 Nairobi, Kenya.

Our Current Location

Westlands Square on Ring Road Westlands,

Nairobi Kenya


New Muthaiga Mall, Thigiri Road, Nairobi Kenya.




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